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Recollecting The Heart by futarinokizuna

The piece is very expressive of the pain of a pure heart shattered and the struggle to put oneself back together. The color choice for the background while light adds a bleakness and how her eyes are shadowed give off the feeling that the character is lost in grief. The lake of tears leaves the impression that she has been suffering for a long time yet with her reaching out for one of the pieces shows she is trying to put herself back together. The blood stands out in vivid contrast to the characters gown easily expressing the gravity of her wound.
It is an emotionally packed piece as much about pain as it is the fight to heal, to be yourself once more. Original in my opinion because of the color choice. It being such a harsh "dark" theme yet the piece is light filled. Overall it left a strong impact.
The execution of the piece is well done however i believe more attention needs to be paid to the hand grasping her chest as well as the heart shaped hole in the characters chest and blood. The hand appears to be much smaller than the other and lacks the detail and sense of depth that the rest of the piece has. The blood on the characters hand and within the wound seem rushed. Personally i believe the heart shaped wound i overkill and takes away from the severity of the situation.
A great piece and well done. Looking forward to more of your work and hope that this will be helpful.
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